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We help independent, creative, and entrepreneurial faith-led authors publish books, audiobooks and digital content that uplifts, encourages and empowers others.

Our Mission

Led to Lead Publishing started in 2019 to help independent authors with a faith-based approach to writing. So here, you will find a growing mix of books, all with an uplifting, encouraging and empowering message. Our mission is to provide readers with the resources to help them grow and live out their faith in their personal and professional lives. 


Our hope is that people will draw closer to Christ and their lives changed by what we publish. For this reason, every book in our catalog must be theologically sound, honest, encouraging, respectful, and inspire unity.

Led to lead publishing

Faith Fire Fury

The Battle Plan for Biblical Manhood

Something inside you hungers for something more in this life. You know you have a greater purpose or mission despite your successes or failures. Discover how to apply the three biblically-based tenets; Faith Fire and Fury to avoid years of heartache, disappointment, frustration, and wasted time and become the man God made you to be.

FX3 Challenge

Faith: Study Guide

Phase one of the FX3 Challenge is FX3 Faith. This four-week first phase is considered a spiritual and mental boot camp. It’s an immersive approach designed to help you discover what it means to be a man according to biblical truth. You can purchase either the Print Edition or Digital Edition version. Both the printed and digital study guides are interactive and full of informational stories, supporting scripture and serve as a journal.

FX3 Challenge

Fire: Study Guide

After completing the FX3 Faith, graduates move to phase two of the FX3 Challenge, FX3 Fire. FX3 Fire helps men discover their true identity in Christ and the battles that we face. Men unpack what it means to live with a new name, a new identity, and according to a new mission. In addition, men also learn how to live according to their true purpose. Whether we know it or not, we are in a spiritual war, and during this phase, we explore the details of this war.

FX3 Challenge

Fury: Study Guide

The last and final phase for becoming an FX3 Warrior and joining the brotherhood is FX3 Fury. FX3 Fury is a practical and tactical study on how to fight and live victoriously to become the man God wants you to be. In FX3 Fury, you continue your training to become FX3 Warrior alongside your fellow brothers.

When you complete the challenge, you join other distinguished men and the honor of serving together as FX3 Warriors. As part of the brotherhood, you continue to unpack and apply what it means to be an FX3 Warrior through a small group.

The Project Planner

Task Management Checklists, Gantt Charts, and Project Evaluation Tools

Over the years, we’ve tried dozens of offline and online planners. After much frustration, we realized it was impossible to try and use a daily planner to manage our projects. Out of this frustration, we identified the bare essential of what we needed to manage our projects.

After testing and evaluating various models, we developed the one provided here. This planner is simple but powerful. 

Who Does God Say I Am?

52 Biblical Affirmation of Who You Are in Christ
Most of us struggle to find our identity in the fleeting things of this world. Culture constantly tells us we find our identity in what we do, what we have, who others say we are, what we look like, or many other groundless falsehoods. However, the Bible tells us nothing could be further from the truth. Discover who you truly are in Christ.

6 Essentials for Your BODY

A six-week small group devotional study to optimal health and a fulfilling life in Christ

The Bible says our body is the “temple of God,’’ and we are to “honor Him” with it. This is a call of stewardship. God has made our body holy. Therefore, we should glorify God through stewardship of our health. This devotional workbook and 6 Essentials Challenge will help participants better understand what the Bible says about health so they can gain more energy in life for the glory of God, the good of others, and their own enjoyment!