Executives, Organization Leaders and Individuals

Our founder Carlos launched Pumped, Inc., a brand development and digital marketing consultancy focused on helping small businesses and entrepreneurs build and grow their brands. Over the past seventeen years, he worked with over 100+ startups, entrepreneurs, and businesses across 45 industries and eventually grew the consultancy into a six-figure company. In that time he also started Pumped For Change, Inc., a 501c(3) non-profit focused on raising funds and awareness for charities, causes, and organizations, and most recently FX3 Ministries.


Over those years, he acquired valuable lessons and skills in integrating his faith into his professional life with successful results. After successfully growing the business and leading in other organizations, he felt a calling to help other leaders do the same. Out of his experience, Carlos developed the Led to Lead professional and Business Coaching Program. This coaching program teaches other leaders how to integrate their faith into their work and take their professional careers to the next level by improving their leadership skills, increasing productivity, and elevating their capacity to lead.


Carlos and his team consider it their mission to help other leaders fulfill their calling and purpose to make a positive impact in the world and live a lasting legacy.

What is Led to Lead Professional Coaching?

As a formally trained Life, Leadership & Business Coach with PCCI (an ICF-approved and accredited Christian world-view institution), Carlos has hundreds of hours coaching leaders to help them succeed. In addition to himself, his team also works with leaders to help them define their core values, vision, purpose, & mission to align them for success. Led to Lead, is a coaching program and approach that helps leaders increase productivity and maximize their capacity to lead successfully in their professional and personal lives.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, corporate executive, or someone seeking clarity, coaching will help you get to the next level. It may seem like pseudo-science or a “touchy-feely” approach to leadership development for those unfamiliar with coaching. However, over the years, we’ve witnessed countless lives transformed through the power of coaching.

We can prove with 100% confidence (and backed by scientific studies) that this idea is that coaching is more than just “telling” someone what to do. Professional coaching is also unlike the term most commonly associated with sports. The reality is that in recent years, professional coaching is being redefined as an approach to helping others in various professional and personal aspects of life.

The ICF (International Coaching Federation, defines coaching as “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. The process of coaching often unlocks previously untapped sources of imagination, productivity and leadership.”

In essence, coaching is a partnership between coach and client whereby the coach helps the client achieve their best and produce the results they want through definitive plan of action and  accountability.

How we can help you fulfill your purpose while maximizing your potential.

Many people have the general knowledge and resources necessary to accomplish their goals and yet cannot make the significant advancements they need or want. Unfortunately, more training, seminars, or programs are often not the answer when this occurs. Instead, it would be best to have something much more personal: coaching. As trained and certified Life, Leadership, and Business Coaches, Carlos and team help others achieve successful results.



Individual coaching is the most productive as it’s on-to-one, in-depth, holistic, and focused on your specific goals to ensure transformative results. We work together to help you develop goals and objectives with the appropriate guidance necessary for successful outcomes. We focus on spiritual development, emotional intelligence, imposter syndrome, heightened self-awareness, excellent critical thinking skills, accelerated learning abilities, and improved interpersonal skills.



All coaching sessions are structured to ensure that your progress is consistent and transformative. All coaching sessions are client-focused and specific to your individual need and goals. The first step is to conduct a personal audit and initial session to establish goals and expectations. Afterward, we work together to create a roadmap toward your expected destination. Our goal is to guide and hold you accountable for the goals you set.

Executive Coaching

The business coaching program focuses on helping entrepreneurs and c-suite leaders tap into the hidden potential of their talents, skills, and resources to uncover ways they can exponentially grow and lead their companies and team toward tremendous success. Entrepreneurs and Startups are especially in need of business coaching as they require a directional compass of where to go and a plan on how to get there.


For more established companies, most company HR directors, Boards, or CEOs hire me to help their executives as they require a unique coaching approach due to their positions. Here are a few sample topics that most executives focus on:

  • Build and execute a strategic vision
  • Overcome self-doubt
  • Build confidence in decision making
  • Improve listening skills
  • Develop key planning skills
  • Improve communication skills
  • Learn essential conflict management skills
  • Learn how to influence key stakeholders through interpersonal savvy
  • Drive and monitor successful business outcomes
  • Inspire teams

Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching focuses on making positive progress of leaders in leadership roles that directly impact the company or organization and those they lead. Unlike executive coaching, leadership coaching helps mid-level, middle managers or front-line staff improve their effectiveness and overcome their specific challenges arising within the current work environment. 


The approach toward leadership coaching provides leaders with individual attention, support, and feedback to help them make continuous improvements and adjustments through consistent feedback. Our leadership coaching program helps high potential leaders achieve better business and team results while preparing for future executive roles through:

  • Develop a deeper understanding of stakeholder perceptions
  • Developing self-awareness around strengths and potential blind spots
  • Learn how to shift mindsets/habits for more significant strategic and business impact
  • Master communication methods with different business audiences
  • Increase company sales / meet organizational goals
  • Increase new account acquisitions
  • Decreased costs and staff turnovers
  • Improved productivity
  • Reduce customer/employee complaints

Career Coaching

Career coaching helps those professionals desiring to find greater fulfillment in their careers. I currently coach professionals with a minimum of four years into their jobs as they are at a pivotal point in their careers. These professionals seek clarity about their future professional goals and need help creating a plan and overcoming obstacles that may be in the way. I also help coach those feeling they’re stuck in a dead-end job with no meaning or purpose, while others find the demands of balancing their work lives with their personal lives challenging. Career coaching helps people with all of these concerns and more. Below are a few sample topics that most executives focus on:

  • Career exploration and options
  • Exploration of skill sets and opportunities
  • Confidence building
  • Creating a career roadmap
  • Career, personality, and strengths assessments
  • How to personally market and brand yourself
  • Evaluating prospective employers
  • Establishing positive and healthy habits