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Maximize the potential of people and purpose.

Business Coaching for established & small businesses, startups, and nonprofit organizations.

How do you engage the hearts and minds of your staff and develop a personally empowering culture and leaders? How do you optimize output and streamline production for maximum efficiency? How do you balance people and productivity to fulfill your purpose? What is the best strategy for sustainable growth? 


Although these questions may seem daunting, we help you tackle and successfully navigate these situations for successful results. 


Unfortunately, many believe that building a successful company or healthy organization is applying simple tactics or pitching some catchy slogans. Contrary to this idea, transformational results require both leaders and individuals to work together under one common goal. This approach is the idea behind Led to Lead®  Organization Coaching and consulting for established businesses, startups,  and nonprofit organizations.


Led to Lead Organization Coaching is a values-driven and faith-based approach that works with your specific organization’s needs and goals. Our dynamic L2L approach is in-depth and provides experienced and proven methodologies and strategies for your business or nonprofit organization. The result is that your organization maximize it’s potential and fulfill it’s purpose.


Below is a list of services we provide.

Business Coaching for Established & Small Businesses and Startups

Whether you’re an established business or growing small business, your company could benefit greatly from faith-based business coaching. Led to Lead is both results-driven and customer-focused. Led to Lead was established with the objective to help business owners and organizations integrate their faith with their business to reach their full potential. We have extensive experience working with businesses of varying sizes across diverse sectors.


Businesses reach out for various reasons, such as helping with company culture, implementing internal processes, updating or developing a new business strategy, leadership development, and new product development. Although the reason varies, our approach is always the same; to provide a faith-based focus on developing sustainable models and platforms that provide continuous improvement and growth.


We know firsthand that running a successful business requires efficiency and an ability to critically and correctly assess a situation to find the most effective solution. Smart businesses take full advantage of all resources available to them and find opportunities to lead the organization and its people to successful outcomes.


However, accomplishing these goals is not done in a vacuum, businesses needs an effective and productive partner to help them achieve the organization’s goals and objectives. For this reason, we provide business and leadership coaching. 


Our organization coaching approach provides you the tools you need to integrate Kingdom legacy building and and be good stewards of the resources given. As such, wprovide you with a proven faith-based methodology that integrates all aspects of marketing, strategy, technology, industry best practices, and organizational processes to help your company thrive.

Business Coaching Services Offered:

  • Strategic Situational Analysis
  • Audit existing systems and process
  • Audit company finances
  • Strategic Management Consulting
  • Build company-wide consensus
  • Identify stakeholder roles and responsibilities
  • Staff / Sales Team Training
  • Strategic Marketing Consulting
  • Provide marketing solutions
  • Business development
  • Market research
  • Branding
  • Strategic Leadership Development
  • Develop Leadership skillsets
  • Increase emotional intelligence
  • Develop or strengthen internal communications

Business Coaching For Nonprofits

We understand your passion for addressing the spiritual, social, physical, or financial needs of others. However, we also understand the challenges you face and will face in fulfilling your purpose. For this reason, it may be time to invest in business coaching. At Led to Lead, we consider it an honor to work with you, your staff, and the board to create a sound and informed strategic framework so your organization can adapt and overcome to meet your ambitious goals. 



Whether we work together on a one-time project or partner with your nonprofit for a complete strategic planning process, our focus is always on the long-term results. Therefore, we provide practical and financially informed frameworks for building capacity and strategies to carry out your mission and plan.


In addition, we work together to make sure your organization has a shared vision of the future and aligns with the strategy to get there. When a board clearly understands its roles and responsibilities, the organization succeeds. To achieve the results of this synergy, members need to work together and feel engaged in the work. 



This approach also applies when conflict arises. For this reason, we help the organization navigate all of these issues by acting as a liaison or a mutual and trusted partner. Our ability to consult or coach provides your nonprofit with the partnership you need to succeed. Below is a list of nonprofit coaching services:

Nonprofit Business Coaching Services Offered:

  • Audit Current Situation and Resources
  • Identify Organizational Goals and Objectives
  • Assess Staff Leadership Capacity & Potential
  • Assistance with Board Development
  • Assess Individual Strengths & Group
  • Identify Core Beliefs and Mission
  • Identify Potential Stakeholders and Roles
  • Assist with Leadership Transition
  • Build Action Plans, Systems & Structures
  • Develop Leadership Training Programs
  • Help build ministry programs
  • Help Launch Ministry Programs
  • Provide ongoing L2L Coaching

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